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Cobalt blue beaded necklace and earrings by Debrah Warner.
Beading Earrings Jewelry Necklace Tutorial

Cobalt Blue Beaded Jewelry

Cobalt Blue

Time to make some jewelry!  Specifically a necklace and a pair of matching earrings!  Cobalt Blue is one of my favorite colors because it is vibrant, bright and well, it’s blue.  Today I have a beading project to share using cobalt blue beads that I have collected over time.

What do I use for inspiration?  When I make jewelry for myself I typically make it to go with a specific piece of clothing that I have.   In this case I have several pieces in my wardrobe that will go well with a set of cobalt jewelry.  When I make a necklace I almost always make a pair of matching earrings to go with it.

Jewelry, necklace, earrings

Necklace Pattern

Designing a pattern is always a good place to start.  It usually takes me five or six tries before I am happy with a pattern.  I repeat the pattern a few times on a wire to see if I like it.  For this necklace I wanted to design a pattern I could repeat multiple times.  The pattern that I used is pictured below.  The pattern starts (or ends) with the larger bead.

beading pattern

Furthermore, varying the size, shape and finish of the beads will and more interest.


Also, I work on a beading mat to prevent beads from rolling.  However, I still manage to lose a few beads every time I bead and I continue to find errant beads every time I vacuum.

Beading project, jewelry.

Findings and Components

Bead caps can really add some interest to a project.  A matter of fact, they come in all different finishes, patterns and sizes.  In this necklace and earring set I used bead caps on the largest beads located at the base of my pattern.

Bead Cap

To complete my necklace I used crimp beads, a closed jump ring, and a claw clasp.  In addition I like to use wire guards to protect the wire where the clasp is attached.   By the way, tis necklace is 42 inches long.  This allows me to either wear it doubled up or long.  Having this flexibility makes it work with multiple outfits.

beading findings

Earring Pattern

As you can see, I followed the same pattern for the earrings.  For components I used earring wires, head pins, and eye pins.  An eye pin has a loop on one end to used to hang components from.  In addition, to achieve some movement, I combine an eye pin with a head pin.  As a result, the beads on the head pin can swing freely from the eye pin.

Cobalt Blue earrings by Debrah Warner

Tools and Supplies

I use tools and supplies from multiple sources.  I will link to either ones I use or ones similar to what I use.

Below you will find the list of supplies I used to make this jewelry.  Click the thumbnails to purchase a product.  Compensated affiliate links used when available at no additional cost to you.  All items were personally purchased.  Thank you so much for your support.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads




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