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Debrah Warner

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Thanks for visiting my blog.  My name is Debrah (Debbie) Warner, and I am a craft and hobby enthusiast with a deep love, appreciation and passion for everything creative, artful and crafty.  For me creating is like therapy; it makes me feel balanced and happy.

Learning and exploring new ways to create is what I live for.  For many years I have been making candles, beading jewelry, crocheting and sewing.  More recently I have fallen head over heels in love with paper crafting.  Making cards is what I love to do!  Fortunately I discovered this art at a time when information and instruction is bountiful on the internet.  “Thank You” to all the amazing card making bloggers that have taught me so much!  I continue to learn from you and appreciate all the inspiration that you give to me.  I created this blog so that I too can share my work and inspire others to create.

Like many others, I balance work with play.  I have a day-time career in Information Technology Management.  In addition, I also have a very fun part-time job in the paper crafting industry.  When Gina K opened her brick and mortar store “Village Paper & Ink” in June of 2016, I was super excited to join her team.  It is hard for me to call this job work because I enjoy it so very much.  One of my favorite things is to teach card making classes and demonstrate paper crafting techniques.  I am so grateful to Gina for providing me with an opportunity to immerse myself into this wonderful community.

So stop by my blog from time-to-time to see what skill I am learning, and what I have been creating.  I hope when you visit you find some inspiration and create something amazing.

Hugs, Debbie

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I want my work to inspire you to create great things.  If you use my creations as inspiration for your own personal creations, please link back to as the source.

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